weight - how to lose it slowly



Essential Points


  • It takes effort and planning
  • 75% of the result is related to what you eat
  • end benefit to your health is enormous
  • you do NOT need to buy expensive food products
  • you need self control and motivation


Assuming you have no underlying serious health issues, your current weight is determined by three factors –


  • calorie intake (food)
  • exercise (energy expenditure)
  • metabolic rate



A.    Calorie Intake

As a society we eat too much food and in particular excess high energy foods. It would be okay if we burnt this up but we simply do not do enough in an average day to do this. The result is expanding waistlines as these calories are stored as fat.


If you are serious about trying to make a significant change then you MUST do the following –


  1. Avoid or RARELY have any of the following –       cakes / sweet biscuits / lollies  / chocolate / pies / pastries / all soft drinks / fruit juice / canned fruit - avoid the syrup / sugar in all drinks
  2. have smaller meals ie 10% smaller
  3. in between meal snacks should be fruit / some nutsor a dry biscuit – nil else
  4. reduce the amount of margarine used on toast
  5. drink more water / less alcohol ++


B.     Exercise

You need to do more if your health allows. Ideally walk for at least 30 mins 4 –5 times per week. It can be made up of smaller walks over the day if you prefer. Any increase on what you have been doing will make a difference. If you become breathless easily walk more slowly. You will improve your fitness with time


C.    Metabolic Rate

This determines how much energy is required for your body to simply survive. This does vary from person to person. It is increased by exercise and reduced if you try to starve. For some people missing breakfast tends to set the metabolic rate lower and may actually contribute to weight problems. For many, having two weetbix with some fruit may actually be a great and quick way to start the day and contribute to weight loss when combined with the above.